Our Guidelines and Standards

Our goal is to help feline owners select and feed a healthy RAW diet and provide natural and
holistic whole body care to their feline companions for a long, loving and healthy life.


To achieve this goal…
We have research Each And EverY
Product We Offer!

We want our clients to shop with confidence and assurance that all the products sold at “The Total Cat Store” has been through a comprehensive review, compared with other similar products and chosen because it meets our stringent standards and is considered, by The Total Cat Store, to be a superior quality product compared to its rival brands, meets the needs of our felines companions and is kitty tested and approved by our independant test group.


You will notice that we don’t carry hundreds of items, only a few select in each category of product we think are top of the line and best for our felines. Product will be periodically re-reviewed to assure it continues to be the best choice.

Even though we research and carry only high quality products, its also each pet owners responsibility to also research the products as well, so you can choose what best fits your feline’s or canine's individual health needs.


All reviews are base solely on facts. To accurately compare information to decide which product best suits the needs of your feline, we’ve eliminated all un-necessary marketing influence that promotes sales based on the quality of a product campaign. For example: which website was more attractive; information and details included in ads and on the websites that were not included in others; or who had a superior advertising financial plan. We base our decision on “Just the Facts”. The facts inform the consumer about the quality of the overall product including the value and source of nutrition and individual ingredients, and category of manufacturing facility, processing and handling. These are the facts the The Total Cat Store finds critical in determining the quality of the product.



Food Guidelines and Standards

We scrutinize each product to assure it is a superior quality food item that will provide the optimum nutrition for you cat. Each product is analyzed to assure it provides a complete and balanced diet utilizing ingredients that are truly beneficial to our felines. We then review the product in detail to determine if we deem it a advanced quality cat food. We consider such information as: the value of ingredients; usage of whole food ingredients; local and/or source of ingredients; supplementation; manufacturing location and class; food processing procedure; third party testing and so much more.


Each food item we carry must meet the following:

Note if an item does not meet the guidelines but we feel its still a quality product, then we will do our best to make notes in the description.


Overall Diet Formula:

- All Natural
- Freshly made
- MADE IN USA or other safe regions
- All Stage Balanced Diet (designed to meet the needs of all ages, if not a note will specifiy.)
- Meet AAFCO Guidelines
- Formulated for CATS only based on a true obligated carnivores dietary needs,
not formulas for both dogs and cats


All Ingredients:

- Human Grade
- Organic foods must be certified USDA 
- No preservatives or chemicals
- No by-products
- No grains
- No fruits or vegetables (preferred, if any, only a small amount)
- Salmon oil (wild preferred)


All meats:

- USDA Inspected
- US Sourced
- Antibiotic and hormone-free
- Free-range or pasture-raised (preferred but not required)
- Unprocessed / Not Cooked in any way

Quality Assurances:

- Third party testing for E.Coli and Salmonella by an independent laboratory
- Third party testing for purity



Please note: We work very hard at providing as much info as possible so the pet owner or guardian can make the best decision possible if a product is suitable for their dog or cat. It is important to note that we can only provide the info that a manufacture is providing to us. We do not provide any third party testing.






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