Benefits of feeding
a Raw Diet to Felines

As history and research has shown, providing the diet a feline was intended to eat, not a human diet, has many beneficial aspects to living a healthier and longer live than when feed a commercial dried or wet food diet.

I’m going to try and answer this question in a very simple manner so all have a chance to read without investing hours of an already busy life. I will then supply links to valuable resources for additional reading and important information that supports the facts.


This is a topic many debate because there are so many opinions and everyone has a different set of reasons for making their decision to switch to a raw diet for their feline. It comes down to the pet owner making that decision as to what would be best. My personal conventional vet did not recommend a feline raw diet, whether it be a homemade raw diet recipe or commercially prepared raw diet, but my homeopathy vet highly suggested. This does not make the quest easy when the two disagree, so doing your own research is important. My only disappointment was I did not make the change earlier.


Some will be here because they are battling a health alignment and don’t know where else to turn and conventional methods have not helped and they are reaching out for alternatives.


As I did with Snowflake, who’s health was decorating with CRF (Chronic Renal Failure), convention food, medications and ideas were not helping so I looked outside the box. The specially formulated and expensive commercial foods were failing and I was not going to sit idly by and do nothing. So I looked into alternatives.

Then there are others, with the foresight, whom are concerned about the health and longevity of there pets life and want to spend as many years with them as then can. I regret that I personally did not have such foresight but will not make the mistake again.


Regardless of your motivation, we hope that our site will be helpful.


Why choose a raw cat food diet for your feline?

It’s really a simple answer...HEALTH and LONG LIFE for your feline.
We all want our felines to live a long, happy and healthy life. As with any living creature, including ourselves, its starts with a natural, healthy and nutritional diet. The goal of the healthy diet is it to prevent many of the health alignments that seem to rise during our adult to senior years. Most is due to improper nutrition throughout ones life, disabling the body to continuously repair itself, weakening the immune system and the over all body function, especially as we age and the bodies over all function and cycles slows down.


One might think, we been feeding a commercial dry (kibble) and wet foods everyday and my kitty is doing just fine. Well, that’s to be seen. You rarely see the negative results of poor nutrition in your younger years but as you reach those mid to senior years when the body can no longer over compensate for lack of good nutrition.

To me, that comment is so very important and I will explain why. The life span of a human is approx 85 years, give or take. So we age at a much slower rate than most of our pets. Our bodies have a longer period of time to replenish, repair and re-cooperate from our mistakes or lack of attention to nutrition and treatment than our feline companions. Our feline companions age at a much faster rate, there life span being approx 14 yrs. For some with an all natural diet…22-25 years. This is why their diet has a bigger impact on there life span and their overall health throughout that life.


Providing a nutritional diet that nature intended for your feline, could be a mouse, bird, rat or other critter. Or an easier and cleaner option... homemade RAW MEAT diet recipe using our TCfeline Premix.


Health Benefits

The best medicine to prevention starts with what you put into the body.

Bladder infections
Lower Urinary Disorder
Urinary crystals (struvite and oxalate)
Cystitis (bladder Inflammation)
Urethral Blockage
Bladder and Kidney Stones
Irritable Bowel Disease
Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
Kidney Disease (CRF, CKD, Insufficiency)
Hepatic Lipidosis (Fatty Liver Disease)
Feline Asthma/Allergic Airway Disease



What is a healthy diet for felines?

A diet that will provide the nutrition that the feline's body can utilize. Again, as for any living creature, a healthy diet is one that is natural and based on how the body is design/created to be able to utilized the nutrients of what it eats.


What are felines designed to eat? Lets compare a moment…for humans, we are classified as omnivores or frugivores, meaning we eat meat and plants. Dogs are facultative carnivores, which is close in functional behavior to the omnivore, again meaning they can eat meat and plants. Our felines (wild or domesticated) are categorized as obligate carnivores whom only eat meats.


To put it simply, humans and dogs are built to consume foods in either carnivore or omnivore categories, depending on what side to the debate you are on. Either can survive with one or the other, meat or plant food. Regardless of the category, the dietary needs for dogs vs humans greatly differ. For felines, it’s been proven that they would not thrive or even survive without meat. Felines have basically no need for plant foods. This is basically the definition of an obligated carnivore.


All felines are obligated carnivores no matter what else we think. There are those that try to incorporate our human nutritional needs into the felines diet but there body is not designed the same, therefore not able to utilize the nutrients. They can not utilize over processed foods, cooked foods, preservatives, by-products, corn and other meaningless fillers. Fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates are not on the carnivores menu either.


Obligated carnivores eat MEAT. Raw meat. Our felines whom live on there own catch and eat mice, birds or other small prey. There dinner consist mainly meat, then uncooked bones and maybe some seeds or berries that may be in the stomach of their daily catch. This is their natural diet. There body is designed to utilize the nutrition and enzymes from raw meat.



How to get started with a raw cat food diet.

A raw meat diet does not mean go out and buy hamburger and feed it to them. A BALANCED RAW Diet is absolutely necessary. Remember, I said that there meal is comprised of meat, bone and a small amount of stomach content from their prey. To assure you have the properly balanced diet, other nutritional elements will need to be added to the raw meat.

For my household, it meant finding a solution that we could trust and was proven effective. To assure I’m feeding a balanced raw diet, after much research, I choose TCfeline Premix to mix with my raw meat. TCfeline Premix is backed by over 25+ years of research and a 22+ year on-going feed trail. This premix is not a quick hit on the market but a proven quality product sold to households sinse 1988.

I've been personally using the tcfeline product sense 2008 with great success with our feline companions and will continue too. I feel the raw diet with TCfeline saved our Snowflake.



What if a raw cat food diet is just not an option?

If you feel that raw is just not an option, your next best choice is feeding wet food with no grains. Dry kibble/cat food is the one option that’s the fartherest from your felines natural diet. A feline by nature, consumes most of their liquid through their prey and eating meat. Kibble or dry food does not supply any. Some felines may compensate but many will not. Dry food/kibble can cause health issues, like kidney disease, urinary track infections and blockages, urinary crystals and kidney stones, cystitis, inflammatory bowel disease, and possible even cancer. Do yourself a favor and save on the vet bills, don’t feed dry food.



For more information on this topic and resources used… or (same website)





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