how to prepare a raw cat food diet
using tcfeline premix in

3 Quick and easy steps


With TCFeline Premix, you only need to add meat & water to the mix, its just that simple.

Make a daily mix in less than 5 mins or a bulk batch in approx 20 mins


Our Goal with TCFeline Premix is to provide a simple and affordable solution
to feeding a raw diet so all feline owners have the opportunity to provide there
feline companions and benefit from, a naturally healthy raw diet!

TCFeline Premix makes this possible.

Before we go over how to make, lets review who can choose such a diet...

For many years providing a raw diet for our pets was a very expensive and time consuming investment that not all could afford.
This is no longer true. Feeding a raw diet DOES NOT HAVE TO BE SO COSTLY NOR TIME CONSUMING. With TCFeline Premix,
a raw diet can be just as inexpensive as feeding a quality dry food, known as kibble, or processed can food.

How to prepare the food

3 Simple, Quick and Easy Steps

OPTION 1 - Daily Mix

OPTION 2 - Bulk Batch

STEP ONE: In a feeding bowl for daily mixing.
Mix the TCFeline premix, raw egg yolk* (optional) and water together with a fork.


STEP ONE: In a large bowl for bulk mixing.
Mix the TCFeline premix, raw egg yolk* (optional) and water together with a whisk.


STEP 2: Add ground meat (No Bones) and mix with fork.
*Must add liver in Original Formula
*Option: Meat chunks can be used in place of ground.

STEP 2: Add ground meat (No Bones) and mix with large spoon, fork or hands. *Must add liver in Original Formula
*Option: Meat chunks can be used in place of ground.

STEP 3: Feed / Refrigerate 2nd Feeding

STEP 3: Feed and/or freeze in containers

Decisions to Make Before Starting

Amount to mix at one time?



Mix and Feed
Make if fresh for each serving. (less than 5 mins) Is best done with the premix that already includes the liver.


Approx Monthly Volume and Freeze
Make a large batch and freeze (approx 20 mins to make a 30 day supply)


What type of RAW meat?

NOTE: All Meats should be raw and fresh.
They should NOT have been heated, cooked or processes in any way or include an spices or other mixes.
The Ingredients should state just the meat and nothing else.

Meats RECOMMENDED to use:
Raw Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, Deer, Elk, Moose, Goat.

Meats NOT to use:
-Any predator type animal (animals that eat other animals) to prevent infection with worms. Such as Bear.
- Raw Fish which may lead to a vitamin Thiamine (B) deficiency. Occasional as a treat is ok.
- Mixed or processed meats like sausages, spams, scrapple or those with premixed spices or marinades.
- The meat should be the ONLY INGREDIENT.

CLICK HERE to Read More details on about specific meats.


Where to buy the meat?

- A good quality butcher will ground approx every day and therefore go through large quantities of meat.
  So what is available at there location is fresh.
- Normally the local butcher is setup that you can see the grinding process, watch them to be sure they are
  practicing proper meat handling in sanitary conditions.
- Questions to Ask…
  How often do they grind?
  Is there meats from local sources?
  Is there meats hormone and antibiotic free?




What Format of Meat; Pre-ground or Large Cuts?

IMPORTANT Regardless if the meat is pre-ground, Pre-Package or Large Cuts
- Buy only fresh meats. Do not buy meats that are expired or close to expiring.
- Meats should be only plain fresh raw meat. NOTHING ADDED like spices, marinades, salts, meat mixes,
  and preservatives. The Ingredients should state just the meat and nothing else.

- Do not include bones or organ meats

- Do not include bones or organ meats
- Choose leaner meats and avoid regular hamburger and sausage meats

- Should be boneless or will need to be deboned.
- Will need to be grounded or cut up into small chunks.


What quality of meat should I choose?

FRESH, Properly Butchered and Handled Meats:
This provides an excellent and affordable diet for your Feline.

Organic: This type of meat is ultimately the best for your feline and yourself.
But is not the only option (as noted above) and for many this option is too expensive for there feline and themselves.

KEEP IN MIND: Our purpose is to provide our felines with a Raw Diet that mimics there natural diet for a longer and healthier life. This can be done using Fresh or Organic meats. Verses feeding cooked or processed meats leads to poor health results and ultimately to a premature death.

Click Here for more details on the effects of Feeding a Raw Diet vs a Cooked or Processed Diet.
Also review our resource page for sources whom have tremendous success with a raw diet and longevity for their felines.


How to store the meat prior to mixing?

Buy meat in bulk and freeze in patties sized for one daily feeding and thaw each day.


Buy meat in bulk, separate by size mix you prefer doing
at once and for convince. Thaw when ready for new batch.


Special Notes:

* Adding Raw Egg Yolk.

Adding the raw egg yolk is optional but recommended. To match the nutrition of a mouse, you need to add the egg yolk.
IMPORTANT NOTE: only add the raw egg yolk, NOT the egg whites. Please read below or go to this link for more info...

If its unwanted due to your cats health situation or otherwise. Egg yolk is a highly nutritious ingredient for cats and humans but not essential.

If you choose not to add egg yolk, the meal will lose some amino acids, some B and D vitamins. According to the manufacturers analysis, it still maintains minimum requirements for cats when made without egg yolk.

So without the addition of egg yolk, it's still a complete meal however the addition of fresh egg yolk makes the entire meal a more natural diet and less processed, making the final product even close to that of a mouse.

Raw egg whites contain an enzyme called Avidin which can cause a Biotin deficiency in cats. Cooking the egg white neutralizes the enzyme making is safe to feed. Egg whites are made up mostly of water and protein, it does not offer the same nutritional potency as egg yolk, which is safe to feed raw.


Mixing with the original formula.

You will need to add raw fresh liver to the original version of the premix. The beef and chicken version already have liver included. To make the process of mixing the liver with the premix and meat easier, try pureeing the liver.



The correct proportions of calcium and phosphorus has been carefully added to the premix to provide the balance that is needed for your feline.


Nothing Else to Add.

Combining the premix with raw meat provides a complete and balanced meal for your feline. You do not have to add any other supplements unless you want to. For instance, if you are caring for a health alignment that required additonal omega 3 in their diet, please add per your veterinarians recommendation.


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