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Reliable resources for answers to the many questions on feeding raw cat food...

Deciding to feed your kitty a species appropriate diet means you have chosen to feed a Raw Cat Food Diet. If you are new to raw cat food, it can be overwhelming in the beginning, but take it from me, once you have all your research complete to answer all your questions and you come up with your own way to prepare and make it work in your daily schedule and life, it becomes so easy.

Finding reliable and independent resources for your research and answers to those many questions is so very important. So we decided to list a few that we have found to be helpful. Most of these sites cover the many benefits, how to prepare, what meats to use and more.



By Feline Nutrition Foundation. A non-profit organization who’s mission is to educate cat guardians on the benefits of a species appropriate raw diet. The site covers all topics relating to raw cat food and has articles written by many professionals and those with knowledge and experience with raw food.



By the creator of TCfeline Premix, whom has a vast knowledge of raw feeding, with over 20 yrs experience including feed trials and tests. The site offers many homemade recipes, options for transitioning, info on raw meat, guidance on preparation and a great FAQ section.



By Veterinarian Dr. Lisa Pierson who practice concentrates mainly on cats. The site covers many different aspects of raw feeding and other options as well, including homemade recipes.



By Holistic Veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker whom has much experience to share with feeding a raw diet as well as holistic care for general health and illness. The site covers many of the concerns pet guardians have with feeding raw in articles and videos. There is also a great resource for other health questions, covering overall health, vaccines, behavior, illness, and options for treatment both conventional and holistic.



A Holistic Animal Sanctuary, Hospice Rescue and Education Center Founded by Gail and Richard Pope. They specialize in senior and special needs animals, mostly cats basing their care around raw feeding and holistic health. With over 22 yrs of experience to share on this topic, their site provides great resources and guidance. Their success speaks for itself, the average life span for their kitties is 22-25. Amazing, sense most of the cats arrive at their rescue in their mid to late teens and most with illness. A very valuable asset to have.




How to transition your cat to a raw cat food diet...

The standard rules that applies to the entire process is...

- Take baby steps and be patient. Each cat will transition at their own pace and each may require a different or multiple techniques to accomplish the task.

- Age does not matter. I have personally transitioned kittens to seniors.

- Your cat should eat at every meal time and not loose weight during the process.

- Starvation should not be a manner in which to encourage them to transition.

Here are a few quality and reliable links that provide a lot of detail on transitioning:


TCFeline.com Transitioning Techniques

Feline-nutrition.org Transitioning to a Raw Diet Ideas

Dr. Peirson at catinfo.org Transitioning from Dry Kibble to a Raw Diet







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Stories and shared expereinces by Feline Parents on Raw Cat Food Products & how Raw Cat Food has improved their kitties life & health.

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Not sure about feeding raw or concerned about...

How to Prepare

A video by the Creator of TCfeline shows you how easy it can be.

Salmonella and Parasites

with feeding a raw meat,
watch this video for answers.


National Feral Cat Day Alley Cat Allies

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